TEC2012- 32305 (OXITRONICS)

Oxide-based ion/electron devices for non-volatile memory and reconfigurable nanoelecTRONICS


Research Partners: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Funding Agency / Institution: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.

Period: 3 years (1/1/2013-31/12/2015)

Project coordinator: Jordi Suñé

Research team members:  Enrique Miranda, David Jiménez, Xavier Cartoixà, Xavier Saura, Rafael Ortega, Julio Blasco, Santi Tous, Alberto Rodríguez-Fernández, Xiaojuan Lian, Shibing Long, Jordi Suñé


Total Funding: 238.860€


Project objectives

Resistive switching in electroformed transition metal oxides has been used to design new electron devices that behave as memristors. These devices, which are based on the combined action of ions (which store the information) and electrons (which carry the current) are important for new non-volatile memory (NVM) technology based on resistive switching (RRAM), for reconfigurable nanoelectronic hardware and for neuromorphic computing architectures. In this project we aim at exploring the main properties of both filamentary and uniform resistive switching devices using simple binary oxides (focusing on HfO2 films and multilayer dielectrics grown by atomic-layer deposition) and complex perovskite oxides (including ferroelectrics), respectively. When dealing with two-terminal devices, we are interested in their application as NVMs, and we focus on two general goals: (i) unveiling the physics of the switching and conduction mechanisms and (ii) exploring and modeling the switching statistics and the reliability issues. Our final goal is to establish a general framework to systematically deal with performance and reliability tradeoffs. However, the most innovative and risky part of our project is related to the exploratory research on three terminal devices. In the literature, most of the research effort has been dedicated to two-terminal devices (memristors) but the development of three-terminal (3T) devices is envisioned as a way to increase device functionality and to improve the interconnection flexibility in neuromorphic circuits, thus enhancing their application potential. Regarding 3T gate controlled devices, our project goals are the conception and proof of concept of three alternative devices: (iii) gate controlled switching transistors based on filamentary resistive switching in HfO2 ; (iv) filamentary-based memistors and (v) complex-oxide based memistors based on bulk resistive switching. The project is ambitious and multidisciplinar (it combines challenging material and device engineering problems) and strategically combines low-risk research aimed at fostering the industrial development of RRAM and higher risk/higher innovation activities aimed at exploring the frontiers of the field. 



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