Dr. Teresa Puig

Department of Superconducting Materials and large scale applications
Institut de Ciències de Materials de Barcelona (CSIC)

Teresa Puig graduated in Physics from the UAB in 1989 and got the Ph.D. degree in 1994 also from the UAB. She is the head of the department since 2008 working on functional oxides for superconducting and resistive memories applications. She was awarded an ERC Advance Grant (2015) on ultrafast growth of superconducting films. She is member of
the executive board of the European Society of Applied Superconductivity. She is co-founder of OXOLUTIA spin–off. She is Premi Ciutat de Barcelona (2015) on experimental sciences and technology.

Her interest in Resistive memories and neuromorphic systems are:

  • Complex perovskites with metal-insulator transition
  • Volume resistive memristors
  • Growth, materials design and materials proof-of—principle devices
  • Nanoscale characterization and electrical properties


Researcher ID. O-1077-2013


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Institut de Ciències de Materials de Barcelona (CSIC)
E-mail: teresa.puig [at] icmab [dot] es

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