neuromimeTICs comprises a number of research groups from different universities and public research institutes with activities in many different field of expertise.


Our common goal is the application of deep learning to face societal challenges. Inspired by the operation and structure of the biological neurosystem, we develop neuromorphic technology for a variety of social challenges.

Machine learning experts develop software tools implementing deep neural networks for data mining with emphasis on real-time applications.

Electronic engineers and physicists develop new hardware based on memristors and CMOS technology to implement these tools with higher speed, best performance and improved power efficiency.

Circuit designers develop highly compact integrated ultra low power memristor/CMOS circuits and systems for the Internet of Things.

Materials and device engineers together with physicists and mathematicians investigate new devices for neuromorphic applications.

Experts in different application fields, and in particular physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and neuroscientists, provide their expertise to design applications, gather the relevant data, raise the questions of higher interest and interpret the results.

This multidisciplinary approach to the grand challenges of society defines the spirit of neuromimeTICs.