neuromimETHICs is the section of neuromimeTICs devoted to reflexion, discussion and communication about the ethics of AI applications and neuroscience research.

This section is in line with the main goals of neuromimeTICs, since the motivation of our group is to support applications of AI in mental health, rational use of water, people migrations, climate change, sustainable growth or connected automotion, among others.

The final objective of neuromimeTICs is to face societal challenges to improve people's life without exclusions. However, AI technologies also have the potential of perverse applications that limit freedom and privacy of people in many aspects of their daily life. 

Thus, neuromimETHICs aims at becoming a public platform that promotes reflection, discussion and communication about ethical aspects of AI applications. On the other hand, given that deep learning gains inspiration from the advances of neurosciences, neuromimETHICs will be an open forum for the discussion of the ethics of neuroscience research.  

Last, but not least, neuromimETHICs is compromised with the values of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) so that this section will also cover deliberations about good research practice.