neuromimeTICs is involved in both national and international research networks such as:



Following the success of its predecessor network (VARIABLES), Prof. Montserrat Nafria organized and acts as the general coordinator of the national thematic network NANOVAR. NANOVAR was funded by the Ministry of Economy and Business (MINECO), of the Spanish Governement, and gathers more than 90 researches of 13 groups of 8 Spanish universities and research centers, whose research activities deal with a variaty in Nanoelectronics.

This network allows to strengthen the links available among groups, promoting collaborative research and the constitution of the research platform that is required to ambitiously face the research challenges that appear in the field, constituting a stable collaborative framework of the research groups that foster the technology transfer. 


Prof. Jordi Suñé has recently been appointed member of the Management Committee of the H2020 COST IC1401 (MemoCIS). MemoCIS deals with "Memristors - Devices, Models, Circuits, Systems and Applications".

The main objective of the Action is to form an European-wide scientific and technology knowledge platform, in order to instigate interdisciplinary interaction for the development of innovative memristor technology and methods, which are required for future self-learning hardware systems.

SINANO Institute

The group is member of the Sinano Institute, since 2014. The Institute is a non profit Association established as a durable EU Network of researchers in order to form a distributed Centre of Excellence in the nanoelectronic field. Currently, there are 23 members coming from 12 European countries.

The objectives of the action are, among others:

  • Encourage collaboration between its members, research bodies and industries.
  • Perform training activities, University curricula, workshops to develop high competence levels in Europe and participate in roadmaps definition.
  • Play an important role in European structuring and programs, and strengthen the overall efficiency of the European research in Nanoelectronics.