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  • Internationales Congress Center 2 Ostra-Ufer Dresden, SN, 01067 Germany (map)

Memrisys 2019 is a single international conference will bring a new holistic view on developments related to memristor technology, as there is no doubt that it will play a leading role in the design and fabrication of new circuits to overcome the limits posed by the conventional CMOS technology.

Taking into account this unstoppable trend, Memrisys 2019 will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest results and the exploration of future directions across a wide range of fields related to memristor technology: from materials to devices, circuits, systems and applications.  

Nowadays, with the increasing number of publications in topical journals and conference proceedings, also resulting from numerous regular or special conference sessions, targeted workshops, and symposia, organized frequently each year, there is a great need for more interdisciplinary interactions for further progressing the state-of-the-art. 

In this sense, Memisys 2019 will address this need by consolidating the underlying research communities in materials science, memristor theory, electronic devices, circuits, and systems, computation, and neuromorphic engineering in this holistic conference, as has been mentioned before, that is becoming more and more consolidated through the celebration new editions.

The professor Enrique Miranda, of neuromimeTICs, will take part as a speaker to present the study the Key factors for the observation of the snapback effect in memristive structures carried out by researchers from the UAB, the University of Valladolid and the Institut de Microelectrònica de Barcelona, National Microelectronics Center, (IMB-CNM), CSIC. The study is signed by Miranda himself and the research members of neuromimeTICs and the aforementioned research institutions Helena Castán, Salvador Dueñas, Mireia González, Francesca Campabadal, Jordi Muñoz-Gorriz and Jordi Suñé.